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The difference Between Digital Identity, Identification, and ID

We use the terms Digital Identity, Digital Identification and Digital ID day in and day out, but what exactly do they mean? This post from Caribou Digital helps us distinguish which of these is a process, which of these is a thing and  which one is a relative social coordinate.

Caribou Digital
Caribou Digital is a research and advisory firm that helps clients change the world through building inclusive and ethical digital economies. Our team of experts work across a range of sectors and businesses, from startup financing to data analytics, to financial inclusion and the use of space for development, to ensure our clients lead the field in the use of technology to deliver equitable and sustainable development. Our team is experienced, empathetic, pragmatic and direct. We look to the central role startups and large companies alike play in ensuring that digital products, services, and markets unlock human capabilities and drive sustainable growth. Our experience doesn’t stop at one sector because the shift to digital doesn’t stop at one sector.