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Digitizing Wage Payments in Bangladesh’s Garment Production Sector

The journey from cash to electronic payments in Bangladesh’s garment sector is gathering pace as garment production factories discover how digitizing wages can save time, reduce costs, increase transparency and empower workers by improving their access to finance. In short, electronic payments have the potential to help companies improve their bottom line while making life better for workers.

To help guide garment producers in the transition to electronic wage payments, and provide more insight for international garment brands, the Better Than Cash Alliance commissioned this survey of garment factories in Bangladesh that have already introduced electronic wage payments.

Better Than Cash Alliance
The Better Than Cash Alliance is a partnership of governments, companies, and international organizations that accelerates the transition from cash to digital payments in order to reduce poverty and drive inclusive growth. The Better Than Cash Alliance’s mission is to catalyze a global movement from cash to digital payments to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.