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Peer-to-Peer Lending: Examining the Industry and the Borrower Experience

Online peer-to-peer (P2P) lending websites, often referred to as “Shadow Lenders”, have gained significant traction since the credit crunch resulting from the 2008 financial crisis. The purpose of these rapidly-growing websites is to facilitate loans of under $35,000 between borrowers and investors. The result is a transparent loan platform where individual investors can determine a borrower’s credit worthiness and partially or fully fund a loan at an attractive interest rate. This slide deck offers background on the P2P lending industry and takes a closer look at the borrower experience by profiling two leading firms in the space – Prosper and Lending Club. Five key takeaways and tips for P2P lenders are also highlighted.

Cleo Turner
Cleo is DFI's CDFP coach and helps our students with the apply section of the Certified Digital Finance Practitioner (CDFP) program. As part of her role Cleo shares useful resources and insights from a wide variety of sources and authors with our community.

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