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Exploring Business Pathways to Digital Financial Inclusion: Early Indications from a Field Visit to Ghana and Tanzania

This report by David Porteous and Ignacio Mas contains an initial evaluation of the opportunities for spreading financial services through business networks in local communities across sub-Saharan Africa. The central premise is that small, local business that are able to establish a data-rich, trusted relationship with financial institutions can be effective channels for spreading the benefits of financial services indirectly into the communities that they operate in, through their base of customers, employees and suppliers. This complements traditional financial inclusion approaches, which seek the establishment of direct relationships between end-users and financial institutions.

David Porteous
David has been involved in finance inclusion initiatives internationally for more than two decades. He received his bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Cape Town, and later obtained an M.Phil in economics from Cambridge and a PhD (Economics) from Yale. David has held executive roles in public and private financial institutions in Africa, and is the founder and CEO of BFA, a consulting firm based in Boston.

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