12 weeks online certified course in digital money

The Certified Course in Digital Money is our foundational course on digital money, it covers all aspects of digital payments, digital financial services ecosystem and value chain. This course provides a high level view of the various elements of digital financial services, it also provides practical thoughts and insights into key operational details and helps to map out a complex landscape.


360 degree view of digital financial services What you will learn

This course will cover the core areas of Digital Financial Services and help you become familiar with a standard set of concepts and vocabulary. This in turn will enable you to confidently participate in conversations, exchange ideas, apply these learnings to your work, and ultimately lead to your professional growth in this emerging industry.

  • Week 1

    What is digital money
  • Week 2

    The mechanics of digital payments
  • Week 3

    Business models and risks
  • Week 4

    Competition and disruption
  • Week 5

    Understanding customers
  • Week 6

    Designing customer experiences
  • Week 7

    Independant study week
  • Week 8

    The mobile and data environment
  • Week 9

    Safety and security
  • Week 10

    Regulating Digital Financial Services
  • Week 11

    Industry collaboration
  • Week 12

    Financial Inclusion and solving the problem with cash

For your consideration

This course has been developed for professionals who wish to gain a holistic understanding of Digital Financial Services, particularly those working to accelerate a Financial Inclusion agenda.

  • The Cost Of The Course - $3000 USD Per Student

  • Financial air payment plans are available to candidates meeting specific criteria. Corporate packages are also available for 2 or more participants attending from the same organization

  • Time Spent On Learning - 6-8 hours per week

  • Students are expected to spend 6 - 8 hours a week on the course materials and engaging in their digital classroom.

  • Eligibility Requirement - Degree or 5 yrs exp

  • To be eligible to take this course you must have completed undergraduate education from an accredited university, or have a minimum of 5 years working experience in the broader digital finance or Fintech space.

  • Certification - 12 Week engagement

  • Passing students will receive a certificate from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University.

The course also makes an excellent compliment to organizational training and professional development goals, enabling individuals, teams and leaders to develop a stronger, more unified understanding of Digital Financial Services.

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